Trump campaign website briefly defaced by cryptocurrency scam

(Gray News) – Officials with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign are working with law enforcement after an attack on the campaign website that solicited cryptocurrency in exchange for allegedly damaging information.

The campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, announced the attack Tuesday. He says hackers defaced the website, posting “the world has had enough of the fake news” spread by the president.

The unknown hackers claimed, without any evidence, to be selling damaging information on Trump. They posted details of a cryptocurrency account, soliciting people to transfer funds to it if they wanted the information released publicly.

The Trump campaign says it is working with law enforcement to investigate the source of the attack. No sensitive data was exposed, as none is stored on the site, according to Murtaugh.

The website is now back up and running.

Without specifically mentioning the hack on Trump’s website, Chris Krebs, the director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, tweeted that “website defacements are noise.”

“Don’t fall for these attempts designed to distract, sensationalize, and confuse. Ultimately they’re trying to undermine your confidence in our voting process,” Krebs wrote.

Federal officials announced last week that Russian hackers had been targeting the networks of dozens of state and local governments; though, the activity was not regarded to be specifically targeting the election.

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